Core Values

Core Values


MEET is our very first core value and it is the foundation of all our other values encompassing our relationship with God. Without this foundation, we cannot connect with others the way God would want us to connect. We encourage you to make this core value a constant place to convene. meet Him, He is waiting for you.


At Faith, we want you to connect with people and build long lasting friendships that will give you strength on this journey. We understand life brings many joys and even sorrows. Here, you will find a place where people can rejoice and comfort you no matter what season of life you may be in.


Equipping stabilizes the structure on our foundation. It is the cross beams which holds everything together. We are the structure and God is our foundation! What do we use to equip ourselves? The Word of God!

Our training which is called The Forum is made up of three semesters and nine classes over a period of several months. Each class will begin to secure your house on God’s foundation by equipping you with the knowledge of His Word.


God has blessed every single one of us in so many ways. Not one of us is exactly alike! God has made us unique and special. Our talents, our abilities, our personalities, our strengths, and our weaknesses all are different.

So, what do we do with it? We give it back to Him! We give back the very thing we have received from Him. Everything He has blessed us with, we bless Him back. This is where we find the truth in the scripture, “It is more blessed to give, than to receive.”