Life is busy. As a matter of fact, it’s too busy. We really need to get away! Family, work, church, activities with kids and then, of course, repeat all of that the very next day. In the middle of all these things we try to squeeze in time to sleep, maybe a hobby or just sit down and rest our feet, our minds and our bodies. It seems like an endless cycle that is almost impossible to get out of.

So when will we slow down? When will the promise of tomorrow become the reality of today? It would be very hard to change everything in our lives in just a few days. But we must start somewhere; so why not with our marriage?

We invite you and your spouse to make a commitment together to step off the ride of life for a few days and invest in your marriage. This will happen on Nov. 9-11 in Providence, RI.


Date: Thursday, November 9th – Saturday, November 11th
Speaker: Pastor Kent and Crystal Elliott

Location: Renaissance Hotel in Providence, RI

Cost is $495 per couple, which includes two nights at the Renaissance Hotel, breakfast and lunch on Friday.


*Please note you will be responsible for all other meals and overnight parking of $30/per night.

Click here to register.

*Payments can be made in installments as little as $25. The deadline for registration is Monday, October 9th. By the 9th, each attending couple must have a $100 non refundable deposit. Payment in full can be made prior to the event on November 9th.